I’ve completed a full book design for an English edition of The Black Terrorist, a historical novel about the French Resistance and colonial contribution to it. After escaping from German forces in World War II, Addi Ba encounters members of the French Resistance and leads a Resistance network.

The cover photo features the real Addi Ba , ca. 1940.

The book jacket.

Page layout for the print edition. Our aim was to keep it simple and elegant.

This was a fun layout, because it lacked any sort of chapter head, so each unnamed chapter simply starts on the next page, marked with whitespace. We used a simple section break marker for subchapters. Here’s the book on my 5th gen…

...and here's a spread view in iBooks (OSX).

Here's a look at the ebook in the Kindle desktop app...

...and here it is in iBooks for iOS.

Diasporic Africa Press is a nonprofit publisher focusing on works that describe African cultural impact. I’ve worked with them for a number of years now, and it’s always a treat–because the books they feature are always fascinating. A couple years ago, I built a consistent branding and style direction for all the non-fiction works they publish, and we’ve been using it for those works ever since: