Book Formatting

Prices assume a manuscript in clean Word DOCX format. Additional fees apply for cleanup of the source Word DOC, if cleanup is necessary. Please see below. I ask a 50% deposit when the project begins.


All ebooks are handcoded and built for quality across devices. They’re optimized for size and performace, and are made with classic typographical principles in mind.

They include working HTML and logical Tables of Contents, all appropriate metadata, page breaks per-chapter, and every convention expected of a well-formed ebook. Finished files are provided in ePub format.

All print layouts are built to traditional bookmaking conventions, and include frontmatter, backmatter (as needed), Tables of Contents (where appropriate) and considerate handling of spreads. Every effort is made to build books with beautiful typography that emphasizes your content, and does not draw attention to itself. The aim is to create a pleasant read that helps readers understand and appreciate your work.

Finished files are provided as print-ready PDF.


Fiction 1

Word Count Ebook or Print (1 format) Ebook and Print (bundle)
Under 80k $260 $315
80,000–160,000 $315 $365
160,001–240,000 $340 $390
Over 240k 2 Contact for Quote Contact for Quote

Non-fiction & Verse

Non-fiction and poetry layout fees vary according to structure and style, please contact me for a quote.

Additional Fees

Additional fees apply for correction of content errors (typos, capitalization, grammar, etc). You should expect to discover several typos that were missed during your editing phases, this is very common. These corrections will not be made without your direction.

No additional fees will apply for corrections of formatting errors on my part.

  • Rush service: $75 per 80,000 words.3
  • Content revisions: First round free, subsequent rounds $35/ea.
  • Images (provided by you): $35 per 10 images.
  • Images (created or sourced by me): Contact for quote.
  • Tables and Lists: $35 per 10.

Prices are current as of 1/2/24 and are subject to change.

  1. Additional fees may apply for atypical fiction layouts, such as epistolary works. 

  2. Or omnibus, anthology, or multi-book box set. 

  3. Rush service availability is based on overall production schedule.