What is the usual process?

  1. I ask for your manuscript, quote for cost and turn time, and collect your deposit. I send you a brief questionnaire that will help me understand your book and style it appropriately.

  2. I create a full draft for your book, in whichever formats you’ve chosen, and send you a copy for review.

  3. We work together through any revisions or style tweaks you might like.

  4. I provide production-ready files, and collect the balance for the project.

What file formats do you accept?

I prefer Microsoft Word format, but can also accept Apple Pages, Google Docs, RTF, Markdown, or most any other text format.

What file formats do you provide?

I provide fully tested and validated ePub and MOBI files for ebook, and print-ready PDF for print.

How should I set up my manuscript?

Ideally, paragraphs and headings will be defined with named Styles, and the source Word DOC has minimal local formatting overrides. But generally speaking, so long as I can understand your books structure and hierarchy, and can identify one section from another, I can work with your file.

What is your typical turn time?

Most books are completed within 2 weeks, though this can vary based on complexity and project schedule. If yours is an especially complex format, you’ll receive regular updates to progress on your project.

I offer rush processing for $40 per 80,000 words; but depending on my current production schedule, rush processing may not always be available. Just ask.

Can we use images for section breaks, chapter heads, etc?

Yes. I can use your provided images for $20 per 10 images, or I can create custom images for you. The fee for custom images will depend on complexity; for more information, just ask.

Can you lay out my non-fiction book?

Yes, and I love to do it. Feel free to send a copy of your manuscript, I’ll be glad to quote for the work.

Do you design book covers?

Yes. For work samples, check out behance.net/phillipgessert. If my style suits you, I’ll be glad to provide a quote for your project. Just ask.

Will you proofread my book, or make corrections as you work?

I don’t proofread, but I do make certain typographical adjustments. I may replace three full-stops with an ellipsis character, for example—or replace two hyphens with an em-dash. However, any typos or grammatical errors in your source manuscript will remain in the finished layout, because I don’t modify your content (unless you ask me to: additional fees apply).

What happens if I discover my typos after you’ve completed my layout? Or while you’re completing it?

For live projects, I include up to ten text adjustments for no cost. So if you discover a typo after I’ve already begun your project, I’ll adjust ten of them for you for free.

After ten of them, I’m glad to continue making your text adjustments at $1 apiece.

And when the project has been completed, if you choose to make further adjustments, they’ll cost $20 per format plus $1 per edit.

Will you make occasional updates to my back matter, as needed?

If you’d like to update your back matter (for example, to update an “Also By…” section), the fee for the adjustment is $20 per book.

Will you upload my files for me?

I do not upload finished files to your author accounts, because access to your accounts reveals too much of your sensitive information to me. That information may include banking or other private details that should not be exposed to a service provider like myself. However, I’m glad to advise as best I can.

Are you interested in collaboration, partnership, equity, or royalties?

I am not interested in arrangements like these at this time.

I’m a designer, agency, or publisher. Can I outsource my formatting to you in bulk?

I am happy to handle your formatting. Please note though that I do not deliver to or correspond with your client, only to you.

How can I reach you?

I can be reached by email at phillip@gessertbooks.com.

Why can’t I phone you?

I don’t handle work over the phone, because I seldom handle tasks all in one shot, and tend to plan your project into my overall production schedule based on scope.

Will you use Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, etc. for our project?

No. Because I work with a wide variety of clients, and each have their own preferred project management tool, I narrow down to the one channel most everyone shares: email. This allows me to manage the entire production schedule more efficiently and accurately.

What are your business hours?

Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm CST. US Holidays observed.